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SpaEase 200 Cover Lifter

SpaEase 200 Cover Lifter

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Hot Tub Covers by SpaEase

Built to the Highest Quality Standards the SpaEase 200 is the only hot tub cover lifter that uses steel where it’s needed, and aluminum where it’s required.

Exclusive “Reverse Pneumatic Technology(RPT)

The pistons assist in raising and closing the cover It also applies a gentle downward pressure to keep the cover sealed.

Built to Last Longer

All parts except the Swing Arms are constructed of aluminum to minimize rusting. The Swing Arm is made of steel to handle the weight of the cover when in the open position. To protect it we apply an electrolysis coating similar what is used on bicycle and automotive parts.

Allows For Adjustment

The SpaEase 200 offers multiple attachment points making it easy to operate no matter what size hot tub you own. Attachment points can easily be changed after installation.

Professional Appearance

To hide the unsightly nuts and bolts of traditional lifters the SpaEase 200 includes an attractive and protective Cover Plate.

Lifting Handle Converts To Robe / Towel Holder

A convenient textured handle provides the perfect place to hang your robe or towel

  • Requires 7” Rear Clearance
  • Requires 2” Side Clearance
  • Fits Spas up to 96” 109” w/optional extension bar
  • Radius of up to 12” 16” w/optional extension bracket
  • 5 Year Warranty
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